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Vote Shmonty

Shmonty was born and raised in Unionville, CT; a town rich in American beliefs, values and pride.

Shmonty embraces those beliefs and values and proudly passes them on to all of the people he interacts with everyday.

Shmonty knows  that people who need people, are the luckiest people, in the world.

You are people and Shmonty is a person, like you.

Shmonty often talks in the 3rd person.

Other candidates all seem like the same person, because they all put themselves first.

They promise you everything and never deliver. 

Shmonty promises you nothing and that allows him to deliver everything to you, the people.

Shmonty believes that together, people can accomplish anything.

Shmonty knows that anything can start with just one person.

One very special person that gives you a feeling deep in your soul that says you were half, and now you're whole.

That person is Shmonty.

Remember, to succeed in life you can't worry about being the greatest or being the worst, you need to focus on being a person who needs people first.

So a vote for Shmonty is a vote for people because Shmonty is a person, like you.


"Shmonty. I Like That Guy"


*Ad paid for by the People Who Like That Guy Shmonty Coalition Foundation (PWLTGSCF)*