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Texting 101


You can now text your favorite 93.3 KDKB DJ!
It’s so easy, even Hippie Dom can do it. Check out the “Texting 101” tutorial the video to see:



Need further help? Here are some FAQ’s:

Q: How do I talk to/text a DJ?
A: Text “Shmonty”, “Hippie”, “Ruby”, or “NeanderPaul” to 68683 followed by your message.
            Example text: Shmonty Hey! How can I win that Prize Pack you’re giving away?
            Note: Do not use any punctuation after the keyword (in the above example, the DJ name)

Q: How do I respond to a message I receive back from KDKB?
A: Every time you send a text to 68683, even when responding, you must put your keyword back in again (such as a DJ name) before your text.
            Example text: Shmonty Thanks! I’ll be sure to tune in to win!
Q: How do I request a song?
A: Text “Tunes” and your request (along with your name and your city) to 68683
            Example text: Tunes Van Halen Jump.  Joe from Peoria.

Q: Will texting back and forth with the station cost me?
A: Every cell phone plan is different.  Please check with your cell phone provider before texting.  KDKB is NOT responsible for any fees you may incur by communicating with us via text.

Q: What if I don’t hear back from the DJ right away?  Should I text them again?
A: The DJ may be busy in the studio and will get back to you as soon as they can.  




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