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Eco Fashion

Fox10 Reporting:

"PHOENIX -Fish and fashion. Not something you would expect to go together. But a designer featured in Phoenix Fashion Week is turning fish into leather. She's also turning water bottles into fabric.

It's called eco fashion.

The designers rarely make new fabric -- instead they repurpose old designs and they create products that can be washed instead of using harsh dry cleaning chemicals.

Jennifer Lynn deserves a round of applause for her efforts to change an industry that can tend to go over the top."

Visit for the full story

Possible fish clothing names:

Trout Trousers

Salmon Socks

Mackerel Mini-Skirts

Bass Blue Jeans

Flounder Fedoras

Guppy Gloves

Pickerel Panties

Swordfish Scarves

Tilapia T-Shirts

Unicorn Fish Undies


OK, so these are kind of carpy... Got any good ones?


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