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Second Helping

What is “Second Helping Online?”


Well…every weekday afternoon a little before 4, I dig in to the KDKB vaults and either pull out something we haven’t played in a while, or a song you might’ve missed the first time around, to give you that second chance to check it out.

Given the fact that there’s *so*much music we never get to each day. And *so* much stuff that’s either gone away, or doesn’t get played on air, I figured; “Why not put together an hour-long version of ‘Second Helping’ for the website?” 

So, that’s exactly what this is. A chance to roll out some deeper cuts from the bands we love. AND… possibly turn you on to some *other* bands we might’ve missed out on the first time. The plan is to do a new show every week, and post it online right here.

 As always, it’s your show. If you have requests or questions about any song or band you hear, hit me up via email (, or text “secondhelping” to 68683 with your question. I’ll make sure to get you answers.

And so…hit “play,” sit back, and let’s dive in to “Second Helping Online" featuring music from:

#1 The Kinks, Porcupine Tree, Pearl, Zebra, Jackyl, Echo & The Bunnymen, Aerosmith, Black Country Communion, Sevendust, Living Colour, Psychedelic Furs, & Big Wreck

#2 Black Crowes, Oasis, Moke, Cars, Alter Bridge, Secret Machines, Led Zeppelin, Brother Cane, Army Of Anyone, ELO, Francis Dunnery, Buddy Guy, and AC/DC!

#3 Deep Purple, Bowie, Audioslave, ELP (Emerson Lake & Powell), Saga, Barefoot Servants, Clash, The Firm, Hum, English Beat, Eric Johnson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Flight Of The Conchords

#4 Led Zeppelin, The Who, Tantric, The Police, Geroge Thorogood, Cry Of Love, Airbourne, Aerosmith, Big Country, A Perfect Circle, Orion The Hunter, Jim Carroll, & The Cult!

#5 Phantom, Rocker & Slick, Collective Soul, Jimi, Candlebox, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Icicle Works, Sammy Hagar, Bruce Cockburn, The Beatles, Jefferson Starship, Marilyn Manson, The Damned, Dropkick Murphys, and Heart!

#6 Blue Man Group, AC/DC, Devo, Robin Trower, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Montrose, Injected, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Our Lady Peace, Cult, David Bowie, Marillion, Days Of The New, & Chris Cornell!

#7 Bands *Not* Already In The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame as of 2013. The names may shock you!

#8 Craving Theo, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Brand New Sin, Aldo Nova, Billy Squier, Jerry Cantrell, Faith No More, Gilby Clarke, Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, The Angels, & Dire Straits!

#9 The Answer, Free, George Thorogood, Gravity Kills, Page/Plant, Red Line Chemistry, Saga, Jane's Addiction, Missing Persons, Mad Season, AC/DC, Airbourne, David Bowie, & The Clash!

#10 This week, I dedicate the *entire* hour to a band that has been overlooked in the United States for 20 years!!! If you like Pink Floyd, Tool, Rush, Zeppelin, or any band that write amazing, melodic Rock, you will *love* Porcupine Tree! Now...fair warning; These are *not* 3 minute pop songs. This band writes non-disposable pieces, that music fans have been craving for years. Plan on clearing your calendar for the entire hour. It's worth it. Enjoy!

#11 The Rolling Stones, Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds, Deep Purple (recorded live in Phoenix), Corey Glover (live @ CBGB's), Jonny Lang, Candlebox, Chris Cornell (Recorded Live in Paris), Drain STH, The Beatles, Billy Idol, Aerosmith, Moke, Axe, and A Perfect Circle!

#12 The Ramones, Chickenfoot, Bad Co., Kid Rock, Oasis, Brother Cane, Merchants Of Venus, Yes, The Elves, The Head Cat, The Cult, Pearl Jam, & Peter Gabriel!

#13 Celebration Day Special! The new Zeppelin double-live CD is released. But...there's plenty more Zeppelin music you *haven't* heard! This week, I dig into the vaults, and drop some of the live (and studio) stuff Jimmy Page *hasn't* released yet. Plus, tip you to some of the original blues masters that influenced Mssrs. Page, Plant, Jones, & Bonham. Including; Blind Willie Johnson, PJ Proby, Muddy Waters, and Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe!

#14 Baby Animals, Dweezil Zappa, Black Country Communion, R.E.M, Limp Bizkit, Jon Butcher Axis, Night Ranger, Max Webster, Mother Love Bone, Pretenders, Stereomud, Queen, and Saliva!

#15 Aerosmith, Strange Fruit, AC/DC, Audioslave, ELO, The Cars, Alice In Chains, Lynyrd Skynyrd. U2, The Beatles, Holy Barbarians, Black Crowes, The Beat, and The Firm!

#16 George Thorogood, Army Of Anyone, Damageplan, Billy Squier, Candlebox, Bad Co. , The Feelies, Nazareth, I Mother Earth, The Head Cat, Heart, Francis Dunnery, Big Wreck, & Bruce Cockburn

#17 Aerosmith (is it me, or do we play a lot of A-Smith on this show?), Cult, Blackfield, Cheap Trick, Beastie Boys, Chickenfoot, Jimmy Page, Alice in Chains, Guns n' Roses, Jonny Lang, LynYrd SkynYrd, and Oasis!

"Second Helping Online"-CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Billy West, The Kinks-Father Christmas, Bob Rivers-Sled Zeppelin, Run DMC-Christmas In Hollis, Ann/Nancy Wilson-Blue Christmas, Billy West, Tom Petty-Christmas All Over Again, Bob River-Jingle Hells Bells, Bing/Bowie-The Little Drummer Boy, Pretenders-2000 Miles, Bob & Doug McKenzie-12 Days Of Christmas, Joey Ramone-Merry Christmas, Bob Rivers-I Am Santa Claus, Extreme-Christmas Time Again, Billy West, Fabulous Thunderbirds-Merry Christmas Darling, Bob Rivers-‘Scuse Me, I’ve Got Gifts To Buy, Billy West, Savatage-Xmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24