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Well...I crushed Saturday's games, and tanked on Sunday. Such is life picking football games. I didn't see Sandy Eggo walkin in to Cincy and beating the Bungles. Might be time for a new coach in the Queen City. Marvin Lewis may have done all he can with that team. And he just lost Jay Gruden to the 'skins. His replacement, is Hue of the long list of failed coaches who took a shot at Oakland. Not going to get better for Bengals fans soon.

Anyway, we're at divisional weekend. And I'm going with *Seattle* & *Denver*...I *want* to pick Indianapolis over the Patriots. I just can't. I want the Colts to win. Everyone outside of New England wants the Colts to win. The NFL wants The Colts to win (Trust me, Luck-Manning is more drama than Brady making Peyton his bitch...again.). I just can't see it happening. I have a hard time going against New England, at home, in December, against a guy who coughed up 4 INTs last week, and were it not for a pathetic Kansas City effort (you can't spell *choke* without "KC"), would been done.

And *Carolina* over the Niners would be nice too. Not sure Carolina's D is as good as SF's.

There you go. I'm gonna stick with those. Enjoy the games & don't forget to check out the KDKB Stoopid Bowl deal next weekend!

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