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4:20 Hairball - Yes, It's A Cover!

In my opinion, Great White gets a bad rap. Tragedy aside, they have never really received their just due. A very good, blues-based Hard Rock band, that got thrown in with the lot of hair-bands...whose scene they really weren't a part of. A lot like Tesla, they lacked a marketable "image" during the 80's. Meanwhile, they wrote some pretty good tunes. This, of course, isn't one of them. This *was* most people's first look at them on a national level. And if you're going to cover a tune, there are two ways to go; You can go with something familiar, and ride the song's legacy, *or* you can do what Great White did. They chose an awesome song, from a fairly obscure Australian band called, The Angels. In America, you may have known them as "Angel City," or "The Angels From Angel City." They were a *GREAT* band, who wrote great songs. And this, is Great White, doing one of them...."Face The Day!"

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