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If you've listened over the years, you know I'm a *huge* Cult fan. I've never believed they receive the credit they deserve as a great Rock band. Maybe it's the personnel instability. Maybe they never got the publicity that other (lesser) bands got. Maybe the fact that they're so hard to pin down stylistically. Maybe it's just because they aren't easily understood. Whatever the reason, they've made a huge mark. Especially in 1987, when they evolved from a great Alterna-Goth band, into a lean, mean Hard Rock outfit. This stuff has gone through a few different incarnations. The version of this song on "Electric," is significantly more straight-forward than what it originally sounded like. Thankfully, The Cult's old record label, Beggar's Banquet, have recently released the "Electric" CD, and a 2-disc set, with the bonus disc being the album as it was originally caled; "Peace." I'm conflicted in my reccomendation. One the one hand, it's brilliant, and deserves to be heard. On the other, the band doesn't see a dime from the sales of the disc. So...I'll give you this version of the track, "Peace Dog." If you're really into hearing the original, have at it.  -NP

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