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4:20 Hairball -Blame Roadie Edition!

I'm not sure which should shock me more...the fact that Roadie asked me to play this today, or that there's a video for the song? We can no longer make fun of Gaube for liking cheesy bands (that's a bold-faced lie...we will *never stop making fun of Gaube).

Enjoy Roxx Gang?


DianeangelProvost - AWWW, don't make fun of GAUBE, he is a nice guy & an AWESOME DJ during the night hours, keeping all of us fan's ROCKIN' AFTER MIDNIGHT... LOL LOL...

LOVE THIS SONG TOO thank you kindly for sharing this video... this song helps me key faster & faster on my computer at work, lol lol... :) & believe me, my fingers move like lightening across my key board at work.... lol  

KDKB 93.3 EVERYTHING THAT ROCKS... you keep me dancing... ROCK ON, all of you DJ's ROCK....  

Only thing is, why don't you give away concert tickets after MIDNIGHT for all of us fan's that have to work at night.... :(






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