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Stephen Colbert Selling Stolen Bill O'Reilly Microwave for $85,000

Stephen Colbert has recently put his microwave up for sale on eBay and at time or writing, the current bid is at a staggering $85,400 U.S. dollars. What makes this microwave so special you ask? Well despite being able to, “microwave the heck out of a frozen burrito” as the description state, this is actually the exact microwave that Colbert stole from the O'Reilly Factor in 2007.


The inspiration for the sale of the kitchen appliance stemmed from Bill O'Reilly auctioning off his notes for his pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama for the Fisher House charity which assists military families.. O'Reilly's notes started at a price of $10,000 and have since risen to $30,000.


When considering the starting price for the microwave, Colbert said, “I was going to take Bill's cue and open the bidding at $10,000, but after a little research on eBay microwaves I found out most six-year-old microwaves got for about 40 bucks. However, this one was used by Bill himself, so we will start the bidding at 43 dollars. Which is a bargain when you consider the keypad on this thing contains more words than Bill's entire interview notes.”


With a current price of $85,400 dollars, all of which will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund which helps injured service members and their families, I'd say Colbert was fair to start the bidding at 43 bucks.


The pilfered microwave has been a part of the Colbert Report for seven years, is signed by Stephen Colbert, and might be singed by Bill himself, and potentially other celebrities as hinted at by Colbert. Regardless of the politics surrounding the sale of some notes and a microwave, it is great to see people spend so much for charity.  

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