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Spider-Man Play Is Leaving Broadway And Heading To Las Vegas

By Thomas Cowley


It has recently been announced that the disaster ridden musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, is set to end its run on Broadway this upcoming January after holiday ticket sales. According to the producers, the show will reopen in 2015 in Las Vegas.


The Spider-Man musical has been wrought with difficulties since its debut in 2011 and quickly rose in costs to a budget of $75 million, setting a record for most expensive show in Broadway history and far exceeding a traditional show which tends to remain between $5 and $15 million. New stories of falling actors, injuries, legal disputes and controversies far outweighed news about the actual quality of the production itself. In fact the play was such a financial failure, that the Times claimed the production would have to remain open for over 5 years just to pay its debts.


Now I'm no expert but it would seem to me that when you have a project that is allegedly hemorraging money to such an extend, has caused numerous injuries, and been the butt of several jokes before it even got started, you simply let it end. Not relocate across the country to try it again. Perhaps if the production had the success of The Lion King, I could understand the want, but the production is 4 times the cost of any other production, maybe it is just time to put this one to bed.  

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