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Rumor: Ron Burgundy To Guest Host SportsCenter

By Thomas Cowley


According to and two of their sources, Will Ferrell is slated to guest host the 6 pm SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5th. Apparently one of the sources required anonymity because there is talk of a Ron Burgundy appearance in the broadcast.


Josh Krulewitz, spokesman for ESPN has declined comment on the issue.


This would not necessarily surprise, nor be out of place for both Will Ferrell and his persona Ron Burgundy as a marketing tool thanks to his recent appearance on Conan. And he is not alone. Sports anchor Paul Gerke of Idaho acting as Ron Burgundy on his own network this past Halloween, may have inspired some of the real Ron's recent appearances, and with a new Anchorman movie right around the corner, it would not be hard to imagine Mr. Burgundy hosting SportsCenter.


While there is little evidence to support this claim, the fact that SportsCenter has had two other celebrity guest-hosts in the last five weeks, Ken Jeong, and NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson, does add a margin of credit to the claim. We will just have to wait and find out I suppose, but I myself will be sure to tune in.


Anchorman 2: The Legends Continues, hits theaters Friday December 20th, 2013. 

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