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Lars Wants To Tour With U2 & Green Day

Metallica's drummer Lar Ulrich recently spoke with MTV news about how he wants to do a tour with U2 and Green Day:


“U2 came to San Francisco two summers ago and we ended up having a lot to drink with them and Green Day following a dinner.

“I was told in the wee morning hours following this outing that members of U2, Green Day and Metallica agreed to tour together. We haven’t talked about it since, but speaking for myself, I’d be very up for that.”


Now this could either be a really good idea or bad one. In our opinion PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Lars just stick with touring with metal bands. As much as we love U2 and Green Day seeing them tour with Metallica would just be plain weird. Plus the ticket price for this tour would be crazy. Let us know what you think about the bands touring together in the comments below.

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