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Details Released on Black Sabbath's Upcoming Concert DVD/CD Combo Pack

By Thomas Cowley


Were you one of the many fans that were on the fence about seeing Black Sabbath during their new tour due to the absence of drummer Bill Ward? Wanted to see the band live, but didn't want to pay the full price for a concert you were iffy about?  Couldn't be asked to put on pants and leave the house, but wanted to see the band perform? Well prepare to be violently shoved of that fence one way or the other now that the new DVD/CD combo pack is meeting all your specific demands! Yes even the pants one!


The upcoming DVD, "Black Sabbath: Live...Gathered in Their Masses" is comprised of the live performances of the bands new album '13' during the recent tour earlier this year. With '13' topping charts at No. 1 during its initial release in the United States, this is another achievement for the original metal band. Ozzy Osbourne said,


 "There have been so many amazing highlights in our long career. To finally have our first number 1 album in the U.S. is another incredible milestone for Black Sabbath. Thank you to all of our fans for their support and loyalty."


Whether you want just the DVD, just the Blu-Ray, a combo pack, or the entire Deluxe Edition Box, (which comes with a variety of additional material such as a poster, a signed set list, guitar picks, and even more) you can pre order your copy now at their official website.



"Black Sabbath: Live...Gathered in Their Masses" is slated to release on November 26th.

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