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Blockbuster Finally Throws in the Towel or Do They?

By Thomas Cowley


It's no surprise to most people that Blockbuster has been struggling to stay afloat for the better half of the last decade or so. Streaming services such as Netflix, and cheaper and easier rentals suck as Redbox have been slowly closing the coffin on the company for awhile now. This past Saturday marked the final retail rental in the company's history with a copy of "This Is The End" at 11 pm in Hawaii. A bit of a dead ringer perhaps if you buy into that sort of thing; I mean honestly, 11 pm Hawaii Time in order to rent "This Is The End" rings a bit of "intentional buzz" to me. But then again I'm writing it right now so I guess the joke's on me.


After a long battle filled with denial some might say, and a good deal of time on life support, they have finally thrown in the towel...sort of.


While it is true that the parent company DISH is closing its approximately 300 remaining brick and mortar stores as well as its DVD by mail service, the company is still planning to move forward with their digital distribution service, Blockbuster@Home. Of course with Netflix recently winning three Emmy awards for their original program House of Cards they will still have a lot of work to do in order to stay alive on that front as well.


Personally I am a little sad to see it all go because like many others including Seth Rogan, I would frequent a Blockbuster and would enjoy spending time their renting games and movies in the summer. And I personally know quite a few members of the older generation that would still prefer the physical store to the digital distributor, but numbers are numbers, and they are not good.


According to the official statement by DISH, stores will be closing early January 2014 and the DVD by mail services will come to a stop mid December of this year. 

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